In a previous article it was written about the Creative Power of the original Holy Hebrew letters. By transposing and changing these letters, God created the cosmos, including the earth. In doing so, God bestowed the life force on all living beings on earth (Lessons in the Tanya Shaar Hayichud Vehaemunah, Jewish mysticism).


Despite the fall, God still maintains his creation. It does mean that all living beings, such as humans, animals and plants live on earth temporarily, but that they continue to exist as a species.


This includes the laws of nature that make life on earth possible.


We are therefore dependent on the preconditions that God has set in his creation. In addition to the laws of nature, there are also the commandments that God has set to allow a social life to function properly. People have the free choice to comply or not to do so.


It could be argued that these conditions can be broadly summarized in the Universal Laws (Martijn, Expert by Experience, 3 Feb 2023).


Universal Laws


Everything and everyone is influenced by the so-called Universal Laws (Martijn, Expert by Experience, 3 Feb 2023).


The Universal Laws (1) can be recognized as the creative life force that is present in everything.




  1. What would happen if God decreed the end of creation?
  2. How does the delegation of the Divine life force take place? (Tanya for Sunday 28 Tishrei 5807 - 28 October 2046 leap year)?




We have seen that despite all the wrongs and sins that take place on earth, God still maintains creation. But suppose He were to decide to put an end to creation, what would be the result?


How does God do that?


When He deviates the letters of the ten sayings with which the earth was created (during the six days of creation). The situation will return to absolute nothingness. A situation as it was before the Six Days of Creation. This can even be done in a single moment.


Angels, stars, planets, people, animals, plants would then not come into existence again. It would be as if they had never existed at all, just as in the text in Genesis in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


The life force


God does not allow the life force to descend directly to the living beings on earth. However, the divine radiance of His life force is so intense that people, animals, etc. cannot directly tolerate it. Therefore, the life force decreases step by step, until the carrying capacity of the receiving beings is reached. From God to the angels and then to the beings living on earth. Angels can tolerate more life energy than humans, animals and plants (2) ( God accomplishes this by changing and moving the Holy Hebrew letters.


In summary: The Divine life force is gradually decreasing and is increasingly shielded from the existing life forms on earth.




People often hear God is not omnipotent. For why does He allow all that misery and violence on earth?


But a very different picture emerges here. The fact that the world still exists is thanks to God. Not by the powerful, the politicians, the science, the activists and you name it. God created creation according to His design and laws. Man has been given free will. He can choose for himself between all that originated without God or by God as Creator. With the former, however, people think they know better than God's commandments. These commandments have been converted by man into Own commandments. Especially in the West people have said goodbye to God and are considered non-existent. God sees the democratic and authoritarian political styles in the nations as replacements for His Government.


Derailments occur in both styles, which you can fill in yourself. God still allows it. He has the power to end it and no one can stop Him. It would be wise for mankind to think about this. Supposing God decided to let the creative letters go. Finally, that question remains. But what doe it mean to us or do we just sleep on?


Closing remarks


"It's war but nobody sees it" is a quote in Huib Modderkolk's book (September 2019). It is an invisible battle in the current geopolitical world between the Western nations (USA, UK, the Netherlands, etc.) and the non-Western nations (Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc.). Secret services infiltrate each other's digital systems. Hackers are able to obtain digital secret information or to disable energy centers and major infrastructural works, such as the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier. As said unlike a visible war this is an invisible war.


The book contains an example of an organization that fell victim to digital hackers. This is due to weaknesses due to laziness.


A similar situation is also present in the heavenly realms. A situation that the secular person considers non-existent.


Let us consider the conflation of "nation gods" and the political, how "spiritual warfare" in "heavenly realm" is the mirror image of political warfare on earth. The Exodus was both a political conflict - the emancipation of slaves - and a spiritual conflict between the God of Israel and the guardian angel of Egypt. The cosmic conflict manifests itself in political conflict (Richard Beck, Hunting Magical Eels, March 23, 2022 and The Zohar, Volume III).




(1) Universal laws


(1)1. The Principle of Impermanence

This law states that nothing is infinite, that no one lives or exists forever and that everything passes away. It is assumed that everything we see and are eventually returns to the Source from relationships to material possessions, thoughts, etc.


2. The Principle of Cause and Effect

This principle means that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. Coincidence is an illusion: everything in the Universe influences the other. This creates an invisible but powerful dynamic that creates all of reality.


3. The Principle of Polarity

This law is also very important, as it relates to the fact that we live in a world of opposites: hot or cold, for and against, below and above, yin and yang. From low frequencies to high frequencies, both are an essential part of the universe as we experience it.


4. The Principle of Conservation of Energy

There is also the law of conservation of energy, which states that nothing really decays but can only be converted into another form of energy. All energy revolves in circles, from which also comes the principle of karma: what you sow, you will reap. Everything changes, yes, but nothing really disappears.




(2) God accomplishes this by transposing and substituting the Sacred Hebrew letters (Tanya).


The Creative power of the original Holy Hebrew letters, dr H. Dubbelman