Metahistory is the history behind history. Supernatural beings influence historical and earthly facts.


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Method Dr. Frank de Graaff


According to Dr. Frank de Graaff, modern science neglects the influence of the invisible spiritual nature. The Creator and the creative forces are ignored. It is not a total picture, but a reduced picture of reality. Gerbert van Reims thought he could analyze the cosmos with his measuring instrument. With the old knowledge Dr. F. de Graaff means the relationship of the spiritual world and the existing material world. The visible world has become detached from the spiritual world.


For a number of years in France we visited a building that was built according to the cosmic order. In my work during the construction of the Zeeland Bridge and the Delta Works, I saw the shortcomings of theories, derived from measurement results in the hydrological laboratory in Delft. It subsequently appears that unforeseen effects always occur with complex water movements.


De Graaff was not a science scientist. He meant by the subject-object relationship, the influence of the intellect alone, without the influence of the spiritual world. This is covered in the book European Nihilism. In his time he saw the consequences of the negative effects of technology, in wars and the pollution of the ecology, partly as a result of the Delta Works. Safety caused environmental misery in the closed inlets.


These are some limited comments. Dr. L. Engelfriet and dr. M.J.H. Dullaart comment more extensively on the website. These can be found in the articles and are inspired by the view on metahistory of Dr. F. de Graaff.


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