1. Introduction


Genesis 1:32 (32 paths) says that God created life on earth. This means that everything that lives on earth depends on the preconditions God deems necessary for it. God spoke (1) and it was there. The cosmos did not exist for this. God did that with the Hebrew alphabet, which consists of 22 letters with 10 numerical values. Together these are 32 paths (2). The letters have a creative power (Ary Kaplan, Sefer Yetzirah, The Book of Creation and Formation, 1997). Simply put, it resembles a type of formula by which something can come about.


God gave this Torah to Israel, which was written in Hebrew as a Sacred Language on Two Tablets of Stone (Sjef Laenen, Kabbalah for Beginners, 2005 and Exodus 31:10).


On the first day, God said, "Let there be a expanse." God endowed all forms of creation with a life force. We see this in the celestial firmament that constantly recreates itself and in living beings (people, animals, flowers, etc.) that live temporarily, but in which the species continues to exist.

So the divine life force is present in every creature. Creating and vivifying again and again. We saw this in the universe that is incessantly recreating itself and in the process of growth in the vegetative world. In this extremely low form of life, too, it is the divine life force that has brought it about. This is continuously present (KabbalaOnline.org).


A rabbinic method of Biblical interpretation (Midrash) states, "Not a blade of grass grows without an angel saying to it, 'Grow!'". This teaches us that everything on earth has a spiritual counterpart that influences it. Even a blade of grass has an angel who makes sure it gets food etc. (Aish.com, Midrash - Genesis Rabba 10:6, Chaim Luzatto, Derech Hashem (The way of God 2:5:3).


Everything that is produced on earth grows by the stimulus of a heavenly angel in charge of it. And everything that exists on earth was created according to a heavenly pattern (Zohar, Volume III, pg. 99).


Without realizing it, we depend on God's preconditions in order to exist.


But what happens if God returns the (creative) letters to the Divine source? Then heaven, earth would never have existed. At the creation of the earth, even if the letters deviate even for a moment, everything would return to nothingness. An absolute nothing, just as it was before the six days of creation. So God determines whether or not creation continues to exist and He is the source of all life force (Kabballaonline.org., 1/6/2023).



The image of God (as the infinite sphere) refers to the omnipresence of Spirit and God as the Primal Creator. What is God? God is the invisible spiritual dimension from which all creation can be explained. He is the universal life force that manifests itself threefold in creation: 1. in visible nature, 2. in the growth, the becoming of living things and 3. in the striving for unification with that Creator (Cokky van Limpt, Trouw, 17 February, 2003)


In addition to the visible world, there is also an invisible world, which cannot be perceived by physical senses and scientific methodology. This is a spiritual world with, among other things, angels and demons. Which is connected to our visible world. Atheists and secular scientists deny that a relationship is possible.


In previous articles it has been written that nations are under the influence of guardian angels. This is evident from Jewish and Christian literature. Influencing the angels, the culture, the language, the collective behavior etc. (Tzvi Fisman, Medinat Yisrael, August 7, 2020) (3).

God delegates tasks/assignments to the angels and holds them accountable (Chaim Luzzatto, Derech Hashem, 1997). Psalm 82 testifies to the downfall of world empires and nations. These angels have been rebuked for moral corruption. When a nation misbehaves, God first punishes the angel and then the nation (Ask Noah. Organization, The Zohar, Volume III, p. 160).


There may be a connection between geographic, landscape and cultural conditions between nations. Like different nations with the same ideology (Thierry J. Alcoloumbre, Israel et les nations du monde: D'après le "Shaaré Orah" de R. Yossef Gekatilia), 2011).


The angel is, as it were, an intermediary through which God gives the nations their vitality and sustenance and also judges them.




2. How does the delegation of the Divine life force take place? (Tanya for Sunday 28 Tishrei 5807 - 28 October 2046 leap year)


We can receive the life force as it descends and decreases (4), partly by converting (5) the letters to their numerical values. In the Tanya (6) it is stated that Jerusalem is the central spiritual/material energy area from which energy flows to the nations of the world.


This energy, the Word of God, is assigned outside of Israel to the guardian angels of the nations. So they are mediators or intermediaries.


From these angels the spiritual/material energy flows to the nations of humanity and their physical environment: the flora and fauna (including the ecosystem of the nation), but also the universe, the stars, planets, etc. (Tanya for Sunday 28 Tishrei 5807 - October 28, 2046 leap year).


These guardian angels and their subordinate angels depend on the energy of God. The energy coming from the angels is less powerful than the energy that God radiates directly to the nations.


These guardian angels are also called gods. The God of Israel is called the God of gods, because these (popular) angels have come to regard themselves as gods. Therefore, the nations that receive their energy from their angels and powers are basically idolaters. This lasts until the final redemption comes, when the evil and the wrong powers are removed. For God has promised in His Word (Zephaniah 3:9): Then I will purify the nations, and they shall call upon the Name of God. Israel will then no longer be in exile. Jews return to Israel in our day.


3. What if the life force is compromised?


Two examples are presented.


. Israel oppressed in Egypt (Exodus)


The Zohar (Volume III, p. 95) states that the Pharaoh and the Egyptians oppressed the Israelite people. God responded to this with 10 plagues. Because (the life force) and the power of the angel of Egypt were concentrated in the sacred river Nile, God showed His power there. He humiliated and punished first the highest angel and then the lower gods of Egypt. This weakened the quality of the Egyptians' vitality.


. The state of the ecosystems


Ecosystems make life on Earth possible. However, humans have lost touch with many of these life support systems (European Environment Agency, 5/11/2021).


They are complex, dynamic and flexible systems. But what if the balance is disturbed? Then critical limits will be exceeded and ecosystems will collapse. Often partly due to incorrect human interventions in the system, resulting in chaotic situations. Such as, for example, major consequences for the quality of life of the flora and fauna. In every system (including social systems) these effects are latent or hidden. That is why they are called systemic accidents (climate change and biodiversity). This affects our life-supporting 'ecosystem' (Meadows, Donella, Meadows, Dennis and Jorgen Randers, Beyond the borders, 1992, Charles Perrow, Normal accidents, 1999).


We have seen that life on earth requires divine energy. Unfortunately, the supply of the life force does not always appear to be constant (Sjef, Laenen, Kabbalah for beginners, 2005).


In the first example, God intervenes. The life energy to the angel of Egypt is affected, making the water of the Nile unfit for consumption.

In the second example, human behavior is the cause. People can do right or wrong things. With wrong behaviors, as in the examples, the divine life force decreases further and further. A society with good values and norms and a sensible treatment of nature ensures an increase of life force through God. With his behavior, man therefore has a positive or negative influence on the quality of the divine life energy (Sjef, Laenen, Kabbalah for beginners, 2005).


4. Conclusions


Three important facts stand out:


1. Life on Earth is dependent on the divine energy and with limits that God has commanded for human beings.


God will intervene in case of wrong behavior, as with Pharaoh in Egypt. Especially when, after many warnings, people do not want to change their wrong ethical behavior, such as when dealing with nature. If we limit ourselves to Western societies, then this is also possible there. Especially where God seems superfluous. In our country where, as a result of the many crises, the critical limits (7) are getting closer.


2. Wrong human actions cause the divine life force to diminish.


On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set the Doomsday Clock to 11:58:30, 90 seconds before the theoretical end of the world at midnight. This is the closest thing to a global catastrophe since it began in 1947 (8).


The Doomsday Clock statement explains that "Russia's war against Ukraine has raised profound questions about how states interact, eroding international norms of behavior that underlie successful responses to a variety of global risks." Worst of all, Russia's thinly veiled threats to use nuclear weapons remind the world that escalation of the conflict — by accident, design or miscalculation — is a terrible risk.” “The possibility of the conflict spiraling out of control remains high,” it added. The statement cited several reasons for the heightened assessment of the nuclear threat.


The Bulletin went on to mention the "climate crisis" exacerbated by the war in Ukraine and extreme weather events attributed to climate change.

The natural disasters that are currently hitting the earth with increasing frequency can also be mentioned. The media shows examples of the strong earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.


3. God, as has been described, can make creation vanish into nothingness in an instant.


5. Would the world be better off without God (New Scientist, July 1, 2014).


Our brain seems to be perfectly made to believe in God. Yet the exodus of churches continues unabated. Science journalist Graham Lawton writes about this exodus and how belief and disbelief influence our society.


Just a decade ago, more than three-quarters of the world's population described themselves as religious. Today it is less than 60 percent. In about a quarter of all countries, unbelievers now form the majority. “Secularization is happening all over the world,” says psychologist Ara Norenzayan, of the University of British Columbia in Canada.


In the past two decades, religiosity has declined sharply in virtually all societies," says sociologist Phis Zuckerman, of Pitzer College in California. “Worldwide we see religion languishing. Of course there are flashpoints of fundamentalism, but in general secularization is increasing.


6. Metahistoric


It is deduced that in general people are completely unaware of what God can do. God can make creation vanish in an instant until nothingness can. As a result of which the situation that existed before creation returns. God can also decide to judge with a variant manipulation of the Hebrew letters, so that the world is not completely destroyed in an instant.


But as long as it is still grace time, there is hope for humanity.






(1) God spoke in the sacred Hebrew language (KabbalaOnline.org, January 2, 2023). The letters have a numerical value (Arey Kaplan, Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Creation, 1997).


(2) The 32 paths in the Torah allude to the 32 times God's name is mentioned in Genesis 1.


(3) Bible commentaries by Jewish scholars include Rashi, Nachmanides, Pirkei, Rabbi Eliezer, the Zohar attest to this. God divided the earth into nations. God assigned angels to the nations. With the task of overseeing and caring for the nations (Moshe Chaim Luzatto, Derech Hashem, Translated by Arey Kaplan,1997). The angels influence culture, language, collective behavior, etc. (Tzvi Fisman, Medinat Yisrael, August 7, 2020). Christian Bible students also write about this. These include Michael Heiser, Jean Danielou, Calvin and in the time of the Church Fathers such as Origen.


(4) From Higher to Lower Life Forms (KabbalaOnline.org).


(5) Changes places (Woorden.org)


(6) The Tanya is the foundational work of the Chabad movement. It captures the practical and mystical tenets of Chabad philosophy. It was written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman van Liadi (1745–1812), the founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.


(7) See the facts in the media.


(8) Like a probability of a nuclear holocaust, stepping forward, partly because of the war in Ukraine, biological threats like COVID-19. and the 'climate crisis'. The time of the Doomsday Clock is determined by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' Science and Security Board with the support of the Bulletin's Board of Sponsors, including 10 Nobel Prize winners. Previously, since 2020, the Doomsday Clock was set to 100 seconds to midnight. We live in a time of unprecedented danger, and Doomsday Clock time reflects that reality," said Rachel Bronson, PhD, president and CEO of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.


“90 seconds to midnight is the closest the clock has ever been set to midnight, and it's a decision our experts don't take lightly. The expiration in 2026 of the New START, the last nuclear treaty between Russia and the United States. China's significant expansion of its nuclear capabilities. North Korea has stepped up testing of intermediate and long-range missiles.


Iran has increased its uranium enrichment capacity. India and Pakistan modernized their nuclear arsenals.


The United States, Russia and China are now pursuing full-fledged nuclear weapons modernization programs, setting the table for a dangerous new "third nuclear era" of competition.


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