Introduction and questions


Ezekiel 28:11: !3, 14, 15 etc.


Is the king of Tire a man or is he Satan? What kind of trade was conducted that describes the ensuing pride in such religious terms? What is a cherub? Does the Bible mention fallen cherubim? Does the fall of the king of Tire consistently extend to a fall of Satan?


This article seeks answers to these questions from multiple Jewish and Christian sources.




The Bible says in the book of Job that Satan has wandered the earth. Samael is also called the angelic prince of Esau/Edom and Rome (Judaism.Online).


dr. Schulman


Dr. Schulman's answer is that Esau and Ishmael arose from the 70 nations, are Hebrews, and their angels are above those of the other 70 nations. The same goes for Michael the guardian angel of Israel who is called one of the great princes. These angels are also malach and sar.




This of Michael can be seen in the kabbalistic tree. Michael is in the second world and possibly in the third world. The remaining 70 angels over the nations in the third heavenly world. So Samael controls several areas through the 70 angels, lower angels/demons or female angels/demons (Kabbalah, Charles Poncé, 1991).


Also in the book “As Gods die” Dr. F. de Graaff describes these kinds of phenomena.


Nathan Shapiro


Rabbi Nathan Schapiro; commentary by David Slavin mentions lower angels/demons etc. Perhaps there is a connection, agreement with or reference to other religions. The female goddesses/powers are also there. In the Zohar, female supernatural beings are spoken of. Perhaps Shapiro who lived in the 17th century got it from there.

Nathan Shapiro was a contemporary of Chaim Luzatto a great rabbi who lived in Italy. Luzatto has written the book Derech Hashem (The Way to God), which was recommended by a messiah professing Jew Toby Trudel of the USA. This book, which I bought in New York, gives more insight into Jewish thinking about the connection of this world with the invisible world and the working of angels, forces etc.


The rabbis assume that Luria, Chaim Luzatto, Shapiro received other revelations/visions in addition to the Zohar. Arey Kaplan's books, Jewish meditation, and Sepher Yetzirah (the Book of Creation) are examples of this. This describes how one can reach higher forms of consciousness and thereby perceive higher worlds. These worlds cannot be measured with the daily consciousness in which scientists work and measure.


Here lies the current methodological problem and the discussion of fact perception. Modern science goes no further and denies other forms of consciousness. That is why the resistance against Pim van Lommel, Dr. Kenett Ring, Prof. Dr Sam Parnia, Prof. Dr. Atwater etc. This is because of their results in near death experiences. They come to the conclusion that in addition to the earthly consciousness, other forms of consciousness are possible.


(bron: Leaving The Land, Israel, Chapter Seven, Part 1,


dr. F. de Graaff


Also Dr. F. de Graaff, in a telephone conversation, thought that the prince of Tire refers to an angel of a nation or Satan.


The intention is to get a little further with this information with regard to the difficult work of metahistory and the work of Dr. F. de Graaff.


Dr. F. de Graaff writes in the book “Anno1000-anno 2000” that Christianity in the East was too weak to resist the advancing god of Arabia, etc. Phenomena that we now also have to deal with. We also see a very weak Christianity.



Metahistory of supernatural powers, dr. H. Dubbelman