Previously it has been written about the angels and their nations. This article is about the ranking of these angels in the heavenly realms. The level in the spiritual realm presents the creative power of the angel. The higher means more power, the lower means less power (The Zohar, Volume 1, p. 388, Volume 2, p. 402). Angels are powerful and equipped with wisdom. But they are not infallible, because they also compete with each other. By which God must restore peace again (The Jewish C. 2002-2021). The angel of Media-Persia battled in heaven with the angel Michael of Israel. He wanted to expand the kingdom (Media Persia) with the aim of subjugating Israel (Jewish Bible, Daniel 10:13, Rashi commentary).


Each nation has its own spiritual representative in heaven. So the reign of the kings etc. on earth is related to the reign of the angels (IbnEzra, Isaiah 24:21, Sepharia). Excepted is the nation of Israel, which is directly under God. When God exalts one nation, He degrades another nation. When Joseph died, the angel of Egypt obtained power over the rest of the nations and their angels (the Zohar, Volume III). Egypt then became a world empire. Israel lived in Egypt for a while. After Joseph's death, Israel was oppressed at the command of Pharaoh (Exodus: 1:13).


Question: What indications are there for the situations mentioned?


Method and aim of the study


To find clues, Jewish sources, the Bible, and articles by political, sociological, and philosophical scientists have been used. The research is exploratory and inventorying and is considered to be qualitative. With the aim of collecting information about the relationship between the invisible world and the visible world through metahistorical research. Looking at:


  1. The influence of angelic nations on (historical) and geopolitical processes in the world;

  2. and that they can form an alliance to protect their territories from threats from other spiritual powers.


It is stated that firm conclusions are difficult and debatable. The problem area is too complicated for that. Supernatural clues cannot be measured and are not shared by everyone. It is also not always known what historical reliability the articles have. It is a concept model and not a compelling argument (J. H. Segers, sociological research methods, 1977).


It begins with the captivity of Israel. This is followed by an argument about an alliance of angels.


Israel would face even more difficult times in the future. Exiles including suffering and persecution would occur throughout history. These are briefly described. But first the explanation of this on the dreidel.


The dreidel


The dreidel is a four-sided spinning top that children play with. Traditionally, the dreidel is played during the Jewish Hanukkah festival (Wikipedia).


There is a special statement regarding the bridle (Jad Ezra website, December 14, 2020).


On the four sides of the dreidel are the letters Yud, Noel , Gimmel , Sjien and Hee(1). These letters are symbols of the four world empires, Babel, Persia, Greece and Rome (2) (the West) where the Jewish people have been in exile and are still partial.


The Secret of the Dreidel (Divrei Torah, OU.ORG. [Orthodox Union], Nov 25, 2010)


The four sides revolve around the stationary point in the turning circle. This happens so quickly that the sides fade into thin air. Seemingly insignificant, yet the dreidel contains the history of the Jewish people and that of the whole world.


The point in the turning circle


The dot is the symbol of the Jewish people. The whole world revolves around this dot. The opposite of this point, which takes up no space, is an extension in four directions North, South, East and West. Four is the antithesis of the One. Four are the empires that stand eternally against the Jewish people and the God who is One. The Jewish people is the reflection of this on earth.


The four sides revolve around the central point in such a way that they no longer have a direction of their own. In the haze of their swirl they resemble a circle as a reflection of the center point.


The hand that spins the dreidel comes from above. Every empire thinks it will last forever. But the hand that spins makes only the dreidel of history spin. Every single realm exists for a specific time. Then it falters, until it finally collapses.


The Angels on Jacob's Ladder (OU. ORG., November 25, 2010, Pirkei de-Rabbi Eliezer)


The story does not begin with the miracle of Hanukkah, but with the Jacob's Ladder 1437 years earlier. Jacob had a prophetic dream of angels going up and down a ladder that reached from the ground to heaven. They are the guardian angels of the four great empires Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome (3). World empires where in the future the Jewish people would spend a period in exile.


First, Jacob saw the angel of Babylon climb the ladder of 70 steps. Then he went downstairs. The Jewish people were in Babylonian captivity for 70 years.


The Guardian Angel of Persia and Media then climbed 52 steps up the ladder before descending. The Jewish people were in exile in Persia for 52 years.


Then the angel of the Greek Empire climbed 180 steps. Then he fell down. The rule of Greece lasted 180 years.


Finally, the guardian angel of the Roman Empire climbed the ladder, but did not descend. Yaakov feared that this final exile would never end. But God promised Jacob . Though he would rise like an eagle and make his nest among the stars. Then I will even bring him down from there.


The Jewish people are still in that final exile, in the softly suffocating embrace of the spiritual heirs of Rome (Western secular culture).


The Four Empires (4)


In the beginning it is mentioned that Egypt became a world power over nations. But Egypt only became this when the Jewish people were present in this land. The same was true of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. Before these periods, all these nations were unimportant. It was only because Israel was in their presence that they became world empires (5) (The Zohar, Volume 3, p. 16, Zohar Volume 4, p. 308).



The first holy temple was razed to the ground by the Babylonian emperor Nebuchadnezzar. The majority of the Jewish people went into exile. Why was it such a tragedy that the Beis Hamikdash (Holy Temple) was destroyed? The Beis Hamikdash represents a unique spiritual connection between Hashem and Israel. When the Temple was destroyed, the spiritual energy was broken. The level of this connection is linked to the word “nefesh” , soul (“When a soul makes an offering”…Leviticus 2:1). Nefesh begins with the letter Nun and Nun represents the kingdom of Babylon.



As we know from Esther's story, Haman was interested in finding the final solution to the Jewish problem through genocide. The exile of Persia and Media represents the threat to the "guf" - the body of the Jewish people, the physical threat of destruction. Guf starts with Gimmel which stands for the kingdom of Persia and Media.



Greece, on the other hand, represents the attack on the Torah itself – the shechel – the wisdom of Israel. The Greeks were not interested in the physical destruction of the Jewish people. Rather, they wanted to destroy the spiritual core of Judaism - the Torah - and leave behind a Hellenized hull that would meet the Greek standards of aesthetics - drama and the superficial wisdoms. Sechel begins with the letter Sin – that is the letter of the Kingdom of Greece.



The fourth world empire is Rome. It is a list of all other exiles. The Romans destroyed the second holy temple. They inflicted a massacre on the "guf", symbolizing the body of the Jewish people. Initially, Rome was the intellectual scion of Greece, but with the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity in 313 AD. the Catholic Church became the spiritual heir to the Roman Empire. After the disappearance of the influence of the church, the cloak of Rome was then worn in the “West” by, among others, replacement theology, secularism and materialism. That is the spiritual/material incarnation of Rome in our time.


In Rome (the West) all exiles are present. Therefore, it is represented by the Hebrew word "HaKol", which means "all". The first letter is the letter Heh.


A fifth exile?


The Zohar speaks of a fifth exile at the end of days that of Ishmael (6) (Pinchas Winston, Koshej, June 23, 2017). The Midrash speaks of four said exiles prior to the arrival of Mashiach (Bereishit Rabbah 2:4). Yet the Zohar speaks of yet another aspect of end-of-days captivity: "The descendants of Ishmael at that time [End of Days] shall go up with the nations of the world against Jerusalem..." (The Zohar, Volume 1 :119a, p.370).


There is a tradition that Ishmael will be the last extension of the Roman/Western exile. With his descendants, the last generation of the Jews will have to fight for redemption.


Would this be the last realm the mixture of iron and clay? Without human hands, a stone came loose and the empire collapsed (Daniel 2:35). The empire is partly hard and partly brittle. Iron and clay cannot mix into a cohesive whole (Daniel 42:44). Christianity, Islam, etc., according to their religious principles, can never fully integrate into today's secular liberal culture.


Analysis of the situation in the world


For this, a concise and adapted concept of the world-systems theory of M.I. Wallerstein (7) has been used.


His concept is that the nations in the world are interconnected in a closed system. Wallerstein defines this as the world system. There is a world order between the nations. The regions of the world consist of three parts: the core, the semi-periphery and the periphery.


The theory deals with the relationships between these three parts. The core areas are now the western world, China and Russia. These nations are militarily, technologically, politically and economically dominant over the rest of the world's nations.


The peripheral countries are economically, militarily, politically and technologically weak. They are also largely dependent on the core countries. The semi-periphery consists of the regions that combine core and periphery features. These can be core areas in decline or peripheral areas under development.


At the core is always one nation that is more powerful and stronger than the rest of the strong nations and largely maintains order in the world. When this nation (8) weakens, a new nation takes its place. This situation causes a power struggle in the core and unrest in the world until a new equilibrium is established. Geopolitical processes therefore ensure that the positions of states in the world system can change (9).


The current superpowers


We have seen that the world system is controlled by superpowers. There is also a hierarchy between these powers. The US is currently the most powerful nation in the world. But there are signs of decline (10) (David Griekemans, September 1, 2021 and Jonathan Holtslag, A.D., 2021). After 1990 we see the rise of China. The nation is developing into a powerful global economic, political and military power and is a formidable competitor to the U.S. (Simon Shen and Shaun Breslin, Online Chinese Nationalism And China's Bilateral Relations, 2010 and Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute, September 29, 2021). According to David Griekemans, China wants to become the greatest power in the world. China will soon become the dominant nation it has been for 18 of the last 20 centuries (Michael Pembroke, iai - news, Sept. 7, 2021).


What does this mean metahistorically?


First, the origin of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) is briefly described.


Developments in China


Until 1948, China had a nationalist government led by the Kuomintang. The name meant the Nationalist Party or People's Party. In 1949 the communists won after a civil war with the Nationalist People's Party. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was founded by Mao Zedong. From 1949 to 1969 there were treaties between the Soviet Union (Communist) and the CCP.


From 1956 the contradiction between the two countries grew. In 1960, all Soviet technicians active in China were withdrawn and aid in building China's industry ceased. Trade between the two countries fell sharply. From 1961 the Chinese communists denounced the Soviets and the rift between China and the Soviet Union was a fact. The conflict between the two communist power blocs reached its lowest point in the late 1960s, with the border dispute in 1969 being the greatest low. After this, the conflict continued in various ways until the late 1980s (Wikipedia). In 1990 the Soviet Union and its system collapsed.


Why communist?


A national angel can manifest himself in kings, spiritual leaders, a party, etc. After the fall of monarchical dynasties, the angel can incarnate in organizations, in a class or even in a party. The Angel of Russia is an integration angel who tries to unite other angels with a common ideology or religion. Not erasing their individuality, but elevating them to a universal level. For the angels of the nations are different. Their social, political and religious institutions reflect the system of forces in the angelic world itself. But there may be a connection between geographical, scenic, cultural conditions between nations. Like different nations with the same ideology or religion (11). As an example the communist Soviet Russia with other communist countries. The angelic horde of Eurasia against the Atlantean angels of the West (Alexander Dugin, The metaphysics of national-bolshevism 1996).


Deriving from this is the assumption that after 1969 there was a metahistorical separation between the angelic powers of Russia and China. The angel of Russia had sought to unite the angels of the communist nations with Soviet communism. But about between 1969 and 1990 (12) the angel descended into the spiritual realm, while the angel of China split off and later ascended.


This is evident from the text:

The CCP (13) reinvested a patriotic institution (14) (national pride) endeavor after 1990, which brought the nation to a national consciousness. These efforts brought the CCP to the forefront of the patriotic front, making her the guardian angel of the nation (her glory and honor). The CCP also urged the people to work for the nation. This event indicates that in the spirit world the angel of China ascends.


You may find the above speculative and fantasy. The texts are as stated from Jewish sources and political and sociological researchers.


Current developments. The strategy of China and Russia against the Atlantic world order (Alexander Dugin, 2021)


A Eurasian Initiative (The Belt & Road Initiative Fikret Akfırat BRIQ Vol.1 Issue:4., 2021).


China and Russia work together in the Belt & Road Initiative (A united Eurasian initiative). It is a strategy to secure the independence of China and Russia. This by working together, in alliances. According to Alexander Dugin, there is a need for Russia to cooperate with China and possibly with Turkey and Iran against Atlantic globalization. This despite mutual differences. But no nation can resist Atlantic globalization and its mixed liberal and progressive culture (15) alone. The current tensions between the West and Russia over Ukraine (Algemeen Dagblad, January 19, 2022 and China issues Taiwan and the US' last warning, December 29, 2021) show this in practice.




It is known that every nation has an angel in heaven. When a country on earth is divided, the angel corresponding to that country splits in two, and when two nations merge, their angels merge as well. (Divrei Yoel Vayeishev, 12/05/2020 (16)). It is thus possible, according to this view, that the angels of China and Russia may possibly be collaborating with other nations against the spiritual forces of the Western current ideology. Granted, China has an atheist culture, but doesn't want transgender people.




Angels of the nations ascend and descend in the heavenly realms. This means that a specific angel is the superior of the spiritual powers of the rest of the nations. We saw that with the angels  Babylon, Media –Persia, Greece (The Zohar, Volume III). Then with the Roman Empire, the Church, the Enlightenment and secular Western culture (Alexander Dughin). Political analysts argue that in the geopolitical power struggle, the power of Western nations is declining and China's power is increasing with Russia. Russia and China have equipment to destroy and sabotage American satellite systems. But the threat of hypersonic missiles is also much worse, which are difficult to intercept (Garoline Glick, China and Russia Race Ahead of America, in Israel 365 News, November 2021). Metahistorically, in addition to the geopolitical power struggle, there is also a spiritual power struggle in the invisible spiritual realms.


The dreidel outlines the exiles in world history during the empires. In the present day we see the Jewish people returning to the Land of Israel. There is also a spiritual battle for the city of Jerusalem and especially the Temple Mount. The United Nations and the Roman Catholic Church want Jerusalem to be an international city for the three world religions, Judaism. Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem is one of the most important cities on earth for Jews, Christians and Muslims. They each have their own sacred places. It is a city with many sensitivities, both religiously and politically. In the old city of Jerusalem, shrines of these religions are very close to each other (Hans Jaap Melissen, NPO Kennis, 2017). America, England and the European Union determine for Israel what they must do, namely give back land for peace (Judaism Online, August 6, 2012 and The Zohar, Volume 3).


The escalating international war against Israel


Israel has no choice but to fight the UN's new Permanent Inquisition, and against any company, government or judge that uses its reality-free reports. At the UN General Assembly last month, a large majority of member countries voted to fund a permanent inquisition against the Jewish state. Member States funded the operation of an “ongoing independent, international commission of inquiry” against Israel (CAROLINE GLICKJNS, Jewish News Syndicate, January 2, 2022).




The Torah states that after the Flood, mankind consisted of 70 nations. Each with a guiding angel (Yehida Surpin, Currently there are more than 70 nations. An angel can lead one or more nations. Below these angels function lower angels (Thiery Alcoumbre, Israel and the Nations of the World, 2013). The current nations come from the original 70 nations and are gathered in the United Nations. These nations with their angels oppose Israel Thiery Alcombre). Paul states that these are the invisible hostile spiritual powers (Ephisians 6:12).



(1) They also symbolize the counterparts of the forces in man the body, mind, intelligence and all three elements together. The numerical value of Mashiach is equal to the numerical value of the letters of the dreidel namely 358, the Mashiach will destroy these negative forces forever. Then Hashem will be accepted by everyone because the rule Hashem Melech, Hashem Malach, Hashem Yimloch l'olam wa'ed. Hashem is King, Hashem was King, Hashem will be King forever – also has the numerical value of 358 just like that of the Messiah.


(2) The Jewish view is that from the Roman Empire came Christianity and then the Enlightenment (Chabad. Org).


(3) A nation becomes a world empire when the angel rises above the angels of the rest of the nations. It was only because of the presence of Israel in their nations that these nations became world empires. Israel was subdued and taken into captivity by these nations.


(4) In the Zohar, Volume 1, page 42 it says that by the will of God there are four angels on high, who rule over all the other nations. Perhaps there is a connection here with the four world powers mentioned.


(5) It was only because of the presence of Israel in their nations that these nations became world empires. Israel was subdued and taken into captivity by these nations.


(6) The Islamic "empire" extends over a broad band of the Atlantic, reaching the Pacific through the Indian Ocean (website Rabbi Yirmiyohu Kaganoff, September 9, 2021).


(7) Maurice Immanuel Wallerstein (September 28, 1930 – August 31, 2019) was an American sociologist and economic historian. He is known for his development in sociology that led to the emergence of his world systems approach. He was a Senior Research Scholar at Yale University from 2000 until his death in 2019.


(8) For example, the United States economically, politically and militarily over Russia and China.


(9) The World Systems Theory has been studied by political scientists and sociologists to explain the rise and fall of empires.


(10) This is evidenced by the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Russia and China see this as proof that the Western model does not work (anymore). David Griekemans teaches foreign policy at the University of Antwerp etc.


(11) Example 1. Wodan was the main god of the Germanic tribes in Europe (Jan de Vries, Edda, 1994).

Example 2. An ideocracy (a contraction of the word "ideology" and power. A "government of different nations according to the principles of a particular (political) ideology (Wikepedia). This theological idea is supported by geopolitical studies, which show the connection between geographical, scenic conditions of the existence of nations and their culture, psychology and even social and political preferences (Alexander Dugin, The metaphysics of national-bolshevism 1996).


(12) The breakup of the Soviet Union is one of the most important events of the late 20th century, and  in the history of Russia. The breakup  was the result of a series of events between 19 January,1990 and 31 December 1991, which in turn resulted from the weakening of the Soviet Union towards the end of the Cold War. Many of the Soviet socialist republics took advantage of this weakening to declare their independence: the post-Soviet states (Wikepedia).


(13) The conservative communist ideology underwent a political shift with an emphasis on patriotism (Simon Chen and Shaun Breslin, 2010).


(14) In general it is the love for and the interests of the nation. Nationalism means the realization of national consciousness. Conservative communism, after a rediscovery of nationalism, shifted to the interest of the nation.


(15) According to Dugin, the West has severed its ties to Christianity with Greco-Roman culture. After the Enlightenment, an artificial culture emerged based on materialism, egoism, capitalism, atheism, etc.


(16) According to Divrei Yoel Yayeishav www.truetorahJews,org/divrei-yoel-vayeshev, 12/05/2020, it is possible that when nations unite, their angels also unite. In other words, the angels merge or work together.







The angels of the nations, 2, dr H. Dubbelman