The Book Anno Domini 1000 Anno Domini 2000

Dr. F. de Graaff has written several books. One of his books is the book Anno Domini 1000 Anno Domini 2000, the thousand years by the grace of a dead god. He wrote this book in 1977.


The following text is a translation of the summary at the book cover.


This magisterial book by Dr. F. de Graaff shows a connection between historical facts and a superhistorical reality. Research into the essence of Western culture forced the writer 1000 as a decisive point in the history of the Evening Land to see.

The fear that filled the man of the tenth century for the approaching demise of the world came from a deep intuition; in the year 1000 an event takes place, the future of the West. That event has the demise of the Evening Land turned away, but not forever. Only a delay of a thousand years was worked out.

This book outlines the progress of history in the period from 1000 to 2000.

The year 2000 is approaching. The postponement period is almost over. Many have a vague awarenessof this situation, but few have made it aware.

In this book an attempt is made to make these things aware. The purpose of this is a step to do in the direction of the answer to the question: How can the imminent demise of the Western culture be averted? This question is of global significance since the West has left its mark on the entire world.


Dr. F. de Graaff, born 1918, studied theology with a major in philosophy at the University of Utrecht. He obtained his PhD there in 1951 with the thesis: the guilt problem in the existence philosophie of Martin Heidegger. He also wrote Het European nihilism (1936), When gods die (1969), Spinoza and the crisis of Western culture (1977) and many articles on cultural-philosophical topics. He was a Reformed minister from 1947 in the municipality of Well, Apeldoorn and Rotterdam; he is now at Hattem.