We are currently experiencing a war between these countries. Ukraine receives political and military support from Western nations. Ukraine wants to break free from Russia's political and economic network. This article follows on from the Angels of the Nations, Episode 2.


Questions are
1. Why does Ukraine want to break free from this network?
2. What does this metahistorical mean?

Before elaborating this, a brief overview of the history of Ukraine follows. Then a short description about the angels of the nations.

History Ukraine and why does this nation want to break free from the network with Russia (Wikikids)


Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe. The country is one of the largest countries in Europe in terms of area. It borders Belarus to the north and Russia to the northeast and east. It borders to the west to Poland and Slovakia and to the southwest to Hungary, Moldova and Romania. About 44 million people live there. The capital is Kyiv. The language is both Ukrainian and Russian. Ukraine, Russia and Belarus belong to the East Slavic People (1) (Wikipedia).

The country has a long history, dating back to the Middle Ages with the Kievan Rus. After the invasion of the Mongols in the 13th century, this empire fell apart and Ukraine has been a part of Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the Russian Revolution and the First World War, Ukraine seceded, but in 1922 it became part of the Soviet Union again. Ukraine was the second most important Soviet republic after Russia. Ukraine became independent after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. After independence, Ukraine wanted to be a neutral country. The west of Ukraine is very much oriented towards the west, while the east is very oriented towards Russia. This led to various demonstrations and uprisings, such as during the Orange Revolution (2005) and the Euro Maidan (2014). During these protests, many Ukrainians wanted more democracy and closer ties with the West, including the European Union and NATO.

Ukraine also has some disputed territories. These are areas that officially belong to Ukraine, but where Ukraine itself has no control. Crimea was taken by Russia in 2014. Also, the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk declared their independence,  supported by Russia. This led to a war in eastern Ukraine. In 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and the battle continues.

Method and goal of the study

To find clues, Jewish and Christian sources and articles by political, sociological and philosophical scientists have been used. The research is an inventory and is considered to be qualitative. The research is then regarded as qualitative research. The emphasis here is more on interpreting than explanatory (P.G. Swanborn, Methods of Social Science Research, 1987).

The aim is to collect information about the relationship between the invisible world and the visible world using metahistorical research. The influence of angels of the nations on the conflict has been looked at.

It is stated that firm conclusions are difficult and debatable. The problem area is too complicated for that. Supernatural clues cannot be measured and are not shared by everyone. It is also not always known what historical reliability the articles have. It is a concept model and not a compelling evidence (J.H. Segers, sociological research methods, 1977).


Angels over the nations


The Torah records that after the Flood, mankind consisted of 70 nations (Genesis 10 and 11). Each with a guiding angel (Yehida Surpin, Chabad.org). Currently there are more than 70 nations. There are various explanations for this.


1. Rabbi Kessin claims that it is possible for angels to rule over different nations. They are nations that are similar in religion, culture, language, etc. and originated from the 70 nations (Torah Thinking.org, Interview for Nation of Israel: Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Angels and Mashiach, Motzei Shabbat, March 22 2022).


2. Every nation has an angel in the heavenlies. When one country on earth is divided, the angel corresponding to that country splits in two. When two nations merge, their angels also merge (Torah Jews, Divrei Yoel Vayishev, 12/05/2020).


3. In an article in Chabad.org (2001) "Echad" (Unique) by the Baal Shem Tov (The Lord of the Good Name) of the Hasidic Masters, Rabbi Schneur Zalman writes that the Jews expelled from Spain were only welcome in few European countries. This situation was a reflection of what was happening in the spirit world. The angels of these European nations did not accept Jews into their land. The Jews would make known their Torah and the unique God. The angels feared that because of this argument that they would lose their status as a result. Except for the angel of Poland, who had no fear of the Jews, because he assumed that the energy God gives to the Jews would also enlighten him.


4. Medinat Yisrael (2) is considered a Torah commandment. God wants the Jews to live in Israel writes Tzvi Fishman, Aug. 7, 2020. For the explanation of this, he refers to the Jewish scholar Ramban (3). Ramban mentions the uniqueness of Eretz Yisrael (4), whereby God appointed heavenly servants (angels) to rule over all countries in the world. But not in Israel, where God alone reigns. In the Holy Land, a Jew's relationship with God is direct, but that does not apply outside of Israel. God can be reached through the intermediary angel who rules over that land. For example, in America and France, the prayer goes through the national angel of America and that of France. Angels appointed over lands determine the religions, cultures, languages ​​and the law of inhabitants and also exert their influence on Jews.


Angels appointed over lands determine the religions, cultures, languages ​​and the law of inhabitants and also exert their influence on Jews.


Summarizing this paragraph.

God has set angels over nations. Four articles above show examples of this. For the angels of modern nations apply: When a group of people decide to create a united entity called a nation, that automatically creates a spiritual counterpart (Mendel Adelman, Chabad.org, Chabad.org: Ask the Rabbi, 18-7-2022).


The  Metahistorical Network of Russia

The Angel of Russia

The Angel of Russia is an integration angel who wants to unite angels of nations, with a common ideology or religion to work together. Not to elevate their individuality, but to elevate them to a universal level. Angels of nations are different from each other. Their social, political and religious institutions reflect the system of forces in the angelic world itself. But in these nations there may be a connection between religion, ideology, economy, law, culture, and geographical and scenic situations (Alexander Dugin, The metaphysics of national-bolshevism, 1996).

In Great and Sacred Asia (the Motherland) there is a sacred mountain. On the top is an angel with two different wings. One is dark and the other is light. Because the mix of pure light and burning darkness produces purple, his name is the Purple Angel (5). Russia is the Motherland (metaphysically) the most important nation. Therefore, this angel is also the angel of Russia (citation Luli Serrano Eguiluz of the Fourth Political Empire, 2022). Purple is a royal color and one of the soul spirit colors (6). The color consists of violet and red. Violet, in turn, consists of the primary colors red and blue. Kings, nobility and ecclesiastical leaders wore these cloaks. It is a sign of a ruler with power (www.colorpunctuur.nl and Wikipedia).

The breakup of the Soviet Union is an important event in the history of Russia. Many of the Soviet socialist republics seized the opportunity to declare their independence (Wikipedia). Ukraine also wants independence and separation from Russia.

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine? 5 reasons


Why is Russia attacking Ukraine? These are 5 reasons Putin and others cite (Vlamis Kelsey, Business Insider, Netherlands, February 25, 2022).


1. Concerns about NATO (7) expansion to the east. NATO enlargement is central to a West's strategy to pull Ukraine out of the Russian sphere of influence and integrate it into the West' (Maarten Muns, Kennislink, 11 March 2022) (8).


2. Putin (falsely) claims that Ukraine is committing genocide against ethnic Russians.


3. Putin (wrongly) denies Ukraine's right to exist as a nation (9).


4. Questionable Nuclear Weapons Concerns(10).


5. Putin wants a Russian empire (11).

The angel of Ukraïne


During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Ukrainian Orthodox leader advised his church members who to direct their prayers to.


“We see today that the Archangel Michael (12), along with the whole heavenly host (army of angels), is fighting for Ukraine. So many people from all over Ukraine are turning to me and saying that they have seen luminous angels over the land of Ukraine,” said Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Kiev (2022).

“Today we pray: 'O Archangel Michael and all the powers of heaven, fight for Ukraine! Cast down that devil that attacks and kills us, bringing destruction and death!’” (Christianity Today, Why Ukraine Calls Upon Michael the Archangel, Diana, Apostolos-Cappadona, April 12, 2022).

Metahistorical Explanation


Earlier in this article, the political conflict between Ukraine and Russia was described. Ukraine wants to separate itself politically, economically and ideologically from Russia and join the EU.

The ancient relationship between Ukraine and Russia

For many Russians, Ukraine has a special and very symbolic meaning. Vladimir Putin still sees Ukraine as an organic part of Russia. As "one nation, one whole." (VRT NWS in "Terzake", February 15, 2022). Putin said in 2013 that Russians and Ukrainians are "one and the same people". It is unacceptable that Ukraine is turning away from Russia and opting for democracy (De Volkskrant, Tom Vennink, 24 February 2022).

This means that the angel of Ukraine wants to leave the (angel) network of the angel of Russia and join the (angel) network of the EU (13).

The Angel on the EU nations

Which angel is in charge in the EU (angel) network is difficult to find in the literature. Some indications have been found.


 1. International law as guardian angel of the exclusive powers of member states with regard to loss of nationality (Mr Helen Oosterom-Staples, Tilburg University, January 2010). International law would refer to an angel who would be above the national angels of the European nations.


2. The task of the European and national leaders is twofold: a. To promote the angel in the policies of integration and that the policies themselves can also help to "sell" the EU project. b. Defeat the devil. Improving the image of the European Union (2022 © New Pact for Europe). The Union as inspiration by an angel with good causes and not as a demon, as an actor driven by self-interest (Ole Elgström, European integration, December 2008).


3. The rabbis refer to the angel of Esau/Rome/the West (14) (Rashi, The Complete Jewish Bible, Genesis 37). According to Dr. F. de Graaff, the god (angel) of the West (15) is different from the God of Israel (F. de Graaff, When Gods die, 1969).





Ukraine wants to leave the East Slavic social system with, among others, Russia and Belarus and join the Western social system of the EU and NATO. Russia does not accept this and starts a war, which continues to this day. The West (16) reacts intense, so that the war will last a long time (Laurien Crump, on Russia and Ukraine, Utrecht University, 15 June 2022).



The angel of Russia (17) has the most important function in the angelic world of the East Slavic peoples. In this sphere also belong the angel of Ukraine and the angel of Belarus and the capital Minsk is Mikhail (18) (Minsk Tourism). The metahistorical conflict is: That the angel of Ukraine wants to join the spiritual world of the West. But the East Slavic Christian religion, culture, architecture, etc. differs spiritually from that of the West (Sergei O. Prokofieff, The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail Paperback – May 13, 2016). This causes a spiritual conflict in the supernatural world.

When is peace possible?


In the Talmud, Berachurachos 16b-17a is a prayer for peace. "May it be in Your name, our God, that You make peace between the heavenly angels." The Jewish scholar Rashi states that these are the angels of the nations. When there is peace between these angels, then there is peace between the nations (Parsha Pearls: Parshas Shoftim, Torah Jews).

You may wonder why so much evil or atrocities are taking place by and in nations. This topic may be discussed in a future article.






(1) The Slavic peoples include the Indo-European peoples who speak a language from the Slavic language family and are divided into East, West and South Slavs according to the subdivision of this language family. Their origin as a separate people must be about the 2nd millennium BC. have been Wikipedia).


(2) Medinat Israel is the nation-state of Israel... the government of the modern state since its founding in 1948.


(3) Nachmanides, or Moshe ben Nachman, acronym Ramban (Gerona, 1194 - Palestine, c. 1270) was a Spanish rabbi, physician, kabbalist, philosopher and Torah commentator. He is best known for his latest work, the comprehensive commentary on the Torah (Wikipedia).


(4) Land (of) Israel, (Eretz Yisrael) is a concept in Jewish tradition regarding an area/land in ancient Canaan (Wikipedia).


(5) The reality of "The Purple Archangel" is the exit of Russia from western (secular rational) exile to eastern Asia Great and Holy. The task of Russia with the angel is its historical, spiritual mission, concerning politics, culture, sociology, and history. There would be a holy mountain, where the angel stands with strange wings. one wing is dark, the other is light. It is called the purple angel because the mix of light and dark produces purple. It goes too far to go into further detail here.


(6) This means that these colors have a positive effect on the connection between soul and spirit. Within the color puncture you use these colors to create clarity in the deep subconscious.


(7) The NATO is a political and military alliance founded in 1949 with thirty member countries, including the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and many other European nations. Putin has expressed concerns about NATO's expansion into Eastern Europe and the former Soviet states, especially Ukraine. NATO membership is open to any European country that meets the criteria. Under that principle, NATO granted Ukraine candidate member status in 2018. Putin does not want NATO on its borders and says he sees this as a provocation from Russia. According to the Russian president, the west has broken its promise not to expand NATO further east after the end of the Cold War.


(8) According to John J. Mearsheimer, a leading American political scientist (University of Chicago). The lesson in geopolitics is that great states always resist threats at their borders.


(9) The Russian president claimed that Ukraine was created by Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union. There is evidence of its own Ukrainian culture and history before the emergence of the Soviet Union.


(10) After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine voluntarily gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for a security guarantee from the US, UK and Russia.


(11) Another reason for the invasion of Ukraine, according to some, is not explicitly mentioned by Putin: he wants to build an empire and restore the control that Russia, or the Soviet Union, had over Europe and Asia before the end of the Cold War. In 2005, Putin called the breakup of the Soviet Union "the greatest geopolitical drama of the century."


(12) In both the Jewish tradition and the Christian tradition the angel Michael is an important angel he fights in Daniel 10 against the angel of the Persians and in the end times against Samael (Satan). In Revelation 12, fights against the dragon (Satan)).


(13) See the paragraph angels of the nations..


(14) Magdiel: This is Rome. [Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer, chap.38]. See also article, the contradictions between Jacob and Esau.


(15) The West has been led for centuries by an intermediate being. Paul writes in Galatians 3:19, the law is bestowed by (intermediate) angels (F. de Graaff,When gods die, 1969).


(16) According to Crump, the roots of this conflict lie in the 11 months after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. “Gorbachev, the then leader of the Soviet Union, had grand plans for a common European home and a return of Russia to Europe.”.


(17) the Purple Angel. There is a spiritual difference between East Slavic Christianity and that of the angels of Western and Central Europe. It is now too far gone to go into it in depth. Perhaps in a future article.


(18) His statue is in the church of Simeon and Helena in Minsk. Belarus mainly follows Eastern Orthodox beliefs and Archangels have taken an important place in their worship. When the Red Cathedral was returned to the people for daily prayers in the 1990s, the first step to personalize the church according to the faith was the erection of the statue of the Archangel. There is also a statue on an island, a weeping guardian angel, concerning the fallen soldiers in Afghanistan, whom he was unable to save.











The metahistorical conflict between the angels of Rusland and Ukraïne, dr. H. Dubbelman