It is often explained to us by theologians that monotheism means that there is only one God and that the gods in the Bible do not exist or that it is superstition. The question is whether this is correct?


In Psalm 82 we have seen that the gods of the nations can be condemned. These events have happened in history and will continue to happen.


The nations have gods. Because of sin the direct relationship between God and the people (nations) was broken. After the Tower of Babel, 70 primordial peoples had been placed under angelic powers or gods. They were appointed as mediators so that the creation would not be destroyed by sin (Dr. F. de Graaff, Anno 1000- Anno 2000, 1976). Later there would come a unique nation of Israel placed directly under God. From this nation comes Jesus.


Monotheism thus means the unique uncreated God with created minor gods and spirit beings.




  1. Is The Cosmic Order Represented By God In The Bible?
  2. What does that mean for the nations?


Texts in Deuteronomy


Deuteronomy 4:19-20


God spoke on Mount Horeb, that Israel should not make a carved image in the form of an idol, an image of a male and female being, of an animal on earth, etc.


The text states that God forbids the people of Israel to worship heavenly bodies and angelic powers (1).


In contrast to Israel, the other nations on earth worship the sun, moon, the stars as gods and in heaven the divine (spiritual) beings. Israel was not allowed to bow and serve to this. The Lord your God hath apportioned it to all the nations under the whole heaven.


But the Lord has taken you out of Egypt to be His own people, as is the case today. God makes a covenant with Israel. Israel may not worship the sun, the moon and the stars and not serve other (created) gods. This institution God has instituted for the nations.


The famous Jewish rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi writes that outside the land of Israel, the (spiritual) energy (the word of God) is imparted by the guardian angels of the seventy nations. From God energy radiates to the angels (intermediaries) and flows to the nations. Therefore the angels are called other gods. While they call Him the God of the gods, they can regard themselves as independent deities and have them worshipped. The nations then go on to commit idolatry with these powers (The Tanya {the Doctrine} 1796).


Deuteronomy 32:8-9


When the Most High assigned their inheritance to the nations, when He separated the children of men from one another, He established the boundaries of the nations according to the sons of Israel, or sons of God (2). For the Lord's portion is his people, Jacob (Israel) his allotted inheritance. God has his own people and his own land (The Holy Land). God, Israel and the Holy Land are connected.


Possibility of resitance


The gods are part of the Lord and the hosts or in the assembly of God (Job 1:6 and 2:1 and Kings 22:19-23) (3). 


The nations and their gods do not want this. Therefore, anti-Semitism, replacement theology and enmity against Israel and that the land of God must be ceded, according to the UN, arises.


These angels can constantly change their strategy. Nations can turn into demonic powers under the influence of rebellious angels (4).


Deuteronomy 32:16-17


Israel provokes God to jealousy when it worships strange gods and sacrifices it to spirits that are not even gods.

The division of the (primordial) peoples and their gods



Evaluation and conclusion


So Israel's monotheism does not mean that the gods do not exist. There is only one uncreated God (mono), who created everything. The gods, spirits (of the dead) and demons reside in different spiritual realms. There are bright and dark spiritual areas. The gods of the nations and members of the divine assembly can be loyal and disloyal to God. When not loyal comes judgment (5).


According to the mentioned texts, God has assigned the nations to the sons of God (angel powers). God thus allocates the gods inclusive with their pantheons to the nations.


Israel knew that God connected the nations and the gods. If the gods sinned, they are condemned by God. This according to Psalm 82, where God stands in the assembly of the gods. This psalm describes possibly earlier or in the end times that these gods are being punished for their corrupt government of the nations.


The corrupt sons of God still exert their influence on the earthly geographic areas after the NT (7) period. In Ephesians 6:12 Paul describes the spiritual principalities, the powers, the rulers of the world, evil spirits in the heavenly places.


We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the spirit beings in the heavenly places etc. He also criticizes the Masoretes and states that in the Jewish view of the OT God divided the earth into 70 nations under specific guardian angels, who can rebel against God (Brian Huie, The heavenly divine council, 2002).


Earth's Political Boundaries


Now one sees artificial borders created by politicians and rulers in the world. For example, in the Middle East, Africa, Asia . Yet to this day, in spite of the blurring and changing of the earth's boundaries and the intermingling of the peoples, there exists a cosmic geography (9). Original peoples can still be recognized by the language, symbols, characters and religions, which transcend artificial boundaries. There is therefore a difference between the political boundaries and the spiritual (cultural or language) boundaries. In summary, there is a tension between the current terrestrial geography and the cosmic geography. Perhaps this is also a cause between the conflicts between the nations.


The cosmic geography in relation to the Holy Land


The concept of cosmic geography can be seen through:

The Land of Israel is like Holy ground and the property of God. This is disputed by Islam and the West and both the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant churches. The land has been temporarily abandoned by the Jewish people because of Israel's disobedience. Israel went into captivity and will return to the Holy Land in the end times. When the nations fight against this, they find themselves in a dangerous situation and invoke a judgment from God.


The rest of the realms on earth belong to the created gods. Israel therefore had to be supernaturally liberated in Egypt and her gods. After that, basically until now we see Israel being occupied by nations with other gods. Israel would eventually have to reclaim the Land through holy war (10). Through the prayers and deeds of Israel it is possible to weaken the military and political power of the supernations and then to elevate the angels and culture to the glory of God.


So other gods or spiritual powers still exert their influence in the Holy Land. Daily practice shows this picture. After the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, God is in the process of winning back the nations through the Gospel. And by placing Jesus above the spiritual powers. The struggle will continue until the end of world history.


Western politicians often have insufficient knowledge of this. They assume that the current secular Western culture with human rights, democracy etc. should be imposed on the non-Western peoples. They are playing a very dangerous game regarding the ownership of the Holy Land and Jerusalem. They want to unknowingly annex God's property with Western political solutions and force Israel to cede this land to other (spiritual) powers. They do not realize that a metahistorical spiritual battle is going on here.


The purpose of Christianity is to unite the nations of their own nature with the ultimate goal of the Kingdom of God. Christianity must guard against being infiltrated by false spiritual forces.







(1) Israel was not allowed to come under the influence of the forces of the stars and the planets. They also had spiritual powers. In Genesis 15:5 it says: Look to the heavens, count the stars etc. According to the Jewish midrash (declaration) Abraham was placed above the stars. The reason is that they were then freed from the influence of the law of the forces in the universe (stars and planets, moon etc). A servant of God is not subject to the planets and stars, zodiac etc. (Prof. Dr. Rabbi Benjamin Blech, 2014).


(2) Two translations: 1. These are the 70 people who went to Egypt with Jacob. 2. These are the 70 angels over primordial peoples after the confusion of tongues according to the oldest translations in Dead Sea Scrolls and the Septuagint.


(3) Here stands. The sons of God gathered together before the Lord, and among them was Satan. I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the host or hosts (hosts of angels) of heaven standing at his right hand and at his left.


(4) Andreev, D. The Rose of the World. Metahistory, Moscow, 1991.


(5) Examples in the OT are Egypt, Babel, Persia, Greece. In the NT and later Rome Germany etc.,


(6) Jesus is the unique Son of God.


(7) dr. Michael S. Heiser Deuternomium and the old Testament Worldview and Understanding Israelite Monotheism, 2010.


(8) Iraq, Jordan. In Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the influence of the tribes applies. The Kurds have no land and are divided in Iraq, Turkey. Ethnicity still points to the original peoples.


(9) Relates to the Heavenly Jerusalem. Islam with its mosques occupies the Holy Place where the Temple stood.


(10) No political war



The division of the (primordial) nations and their gods , dr. H. Dubbelman