Why the number 70?


The Hebrew alphabet is a cosmic language and has 22 letters, each with a numerical or numerical value. From aleph to tav.


70 is related to the Hebrew word Ayin.


Ayin has a numerical value in the Hebrew language of 70.


What does Ayin mean?

Ayin means the whole world. It includes everything. Before the spiritual and material worlds were created, God was in an infinite Light. God made space and created spiritual and material worlds. This by making room (concentration, limitation and hiding in an inaccessible Light). All (spiritual and material) energy flows (emanates) from God.







The Hebrew letter Ayin contains the Hebrew Letter A. This is Aleph with a numerical value 1. Aleph is represented as the world of the Creator. So, as said, the world before creation. 


Ayin with the numerical value 70, which means fullness, has a connection with 1. Everything has its origin in 1. That is the unique and Only God. So in the word 70, creation is included. Everything therefore originated from a Unity (1) to Fullness (70).


In the letter Aleph (1), as a symbol, the invisible world is connected to the visible world. A symbol provides a glimpse into another spiritual / invisible world.


The word ayin also means eye (see). To see means to be able to see the hidden (see) in addition to observing the outer. In addition to daily earthly consciousness, this means a higher consciousness, where the spiritual worlds can be reached through meditation / prayer. That is, seeing the whole.


What else is the number 70 related to?


The current nations originate from the 70 nations that originated from Noah and his offspring. So here are the culture and ethnic roots.


After the confusion of speech, the 70 angelic princes with their culture over these nations came into existence. These nations are mixed in our time. But the spiritual powers still directly or indirectly influence the nations.


The 70 nations had their 70 original language families / species. Modern languages ​​have been developed from this. So 70 includes all nations and all wisdom.


The numbers 70 and 7 have a special meaning in the Jewish tradition.


These 70 national / ethnic roots are, according to the Jewish vision, related to the 7 Canaanite nations. These nations occupied the Land of Israel before this land was promised to the Jewish people by God. The Jewish people had to purify this land from iniquities, to make it suitable for all the nation of God (Israel).


The seventh day is the Sabbath day, which is associated or symbolized with the future world. The Jewish tradition has 7 periods in world history comparable to the week. We now live in the Friday evening period. Just before the arrival of the Messiah.


The seventh day is a new day and also as the symbol of the new era: the redemption of the world.


The 70 members of the Jacob family (who went to Egypt) were the ancestors of the Jewish people.


70 elders were appointed to teach the 70 facets / faces of the Torah to the people.


The Jewish tradition states that God instructed Joshua to translate the Torah into all 70 languages ​​of the world.


According to the Jewish vision, the non-Jewish nations have to adhere to the 7 Noachite commandments.


The relationship between the Jewish people (Israel) and the nations of the world


The current nations are gathered from the original 70 nations.


God has set the Jewish people apart from the rest of the nations in the world.


As a priest and example nation, the Jewish people had and have a unique mission to make the Torah known to the nations of the world. The Jewish people must instruct the other nations to live by the ways of God.


God wants the Torah to be accessible to every person on earth. He wants all people to have the opportunity to voluntarily accept His commandments and live by it.


The Jewish tradition states that the soul of a Jew and the Jewish people are closer to God than those of the people of the rest of the nations. The Jewish people are therefore more spiritual. In the book of Ecclesiastes 8: 22-31 it is stated that the absolute root of the souls of Israel and son of God existed before the original contraction in infinity (before the foundation of creation) and absolute One with God. See also Exodus 4:22, which says: “Israel My son, My first born”.


The Torah is therefore a manifestation of God with Israel as the Jewish people. In summary, God and Israel are connected.


There is probably a connection here with Jesus as the unique Son of God from the Jewish people.


The Jews offered the bull as the greatest sacrifice to cleanse their sins. This sacrifice cleanses the guilt of the people. The priest king offers on a national scale. The sacrifice represents the human deficit of the entire people.


In addition, it is striking that at the Feast of Tabernacles, 70 bulls were sacrificed for the sins of the 70 nations. Israel is therefore making sacrifices for humanity.


The fall of Israel and of the righteous


The Jewish literature states that the Jewish people can fall. The purpose of this is to strengthen the nations of the world and to inspire them to reach a higher level of consciousness spiritually and sincerely embrace God and His Torah.


For the Jewish people, this means that the fall of serving God as a son changes as serving as a servant. A servant has no inner joy of exercising the commandments himself, but does this as a type of duty.


It also applies that a righteous person can fall from his spiritual level. The purpose of this is that this righteous person has the opportunity to meet the lower souls of humanity on and in the earth. Only through His presence can these souls strengthen themselves and reach a higher spiritual level. The Zohar also mentions the unique sacrifice of the specific righteous who dies for the sins of mankind.


These two texts are similar:

  1. Romans 11:11 “Did they stumble that they would fall?” Through their fall salvation has won the gentiles, etc. the one sacrifice of Jesus as the righteous one;
  2. Jesus as the unique righteous who dies for the sins of mankind.



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The number 70: Israel as the way to God and the salvation of the nations on earth